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Over 700k followers on Insagram and award from Rolls Royce Germany

Two Awards from Rolls Royce Germany

Vladislav Vodatinskij has been awarded two times by Rolls Royce Germany for successfull project management & significant cost reduction.

Vladislav Vodatinskij is owner and founder of the consulting company ENGINEC. He is leading projects for european companies and the ministry of Germany

In the time from 2014 till 2017 he has lead different projects for Rolls Royce Germany with the focus of prototype development and industrialization for avaition parts. For successful project management and significant cost reductions, Vodatinskij has been awarded with the CO2ST tree award and a tree has been plant with his name at Rolls Royce in Dahlewitz.

Lanistars new “polymorphic” payment card includes a keypad and a display, allowing users to generate one-time PIN codes to make transactions more secure.

Ambassador and partnership with Lanistar

Since 2020 is Vladislav Vodatinskij the official ambassador of the UK financial card provider Lanistar

Together with many stars from international sports, Hollywood and influencers worldwide, VODATIN launched in November 2020 via his Instagram account the cooperation with Lanistar

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